Friday, 19 March 2010

Friday Five

Friday, 19 March 2010 11:43 Posted by Chanelle
Yay - 2nd time in a row! This might mean something haha.

1) All those books I ordered or won have slowly started trickling through. Probably a good thing it's been so slow because there are just so many and I didn't realise. I'll never get through them as quickly as I imagined.

2) Speaking of all these books, it only seems fitting that I also participate in the 100 book reading challenge! To see how I'm doing, check out my sidebar that I'll update as and when I've read a new book. I'm hoping this won't be difficult.

3) I have about 100 SNI (shiny new ideas) floating around in my head and I can't pick one to focus on! It's incredibly annoying. Add that to the huge want to start MHBD's sequel and I have a small writing problem. One of the main reason's I'm not starting MHBD is because while I can picture the opening scene, I have no idea how to actually put it into writing. *sigh* not good.

4) I'm going back to work on Monday!! Yes I'm excited about this. I've been off for around a month now and everything is happening there without me. Plus I miss my work amigos. I know once I go back, I'll think "Why did I come back?" But being locked in my house isn't much better either.

5) I'm really looking to go to LA this Summer for the conference. Anyone else going? Drop me a comment - we should all totally meet up. I'll bring the camera and my Londonder accent! See you there!


  1. Glad you can finally go back to work!! You must be getting so very bored lol. Although work probably won't help you have time to read all those books!

  2. Haha IKR! Hopefully I'll get to read a bit during my travel time.


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